Understanding the Pros & Cons of Getting a Skylight

With a well-placed skylight, you get natural light, ventilation and energy efficiency. However, the only way to maximize these benefits effectively is to have it installed by an experienced professional window contractor, so don’t hire just anyone offering cheap products and installation services. Otherwise, your skylight could encounter problems later on. 


The Benefits of Installing a Skylight

Like normal windows, skylights can be opened for better airflow. However, unlike normal windows, skylights provide better cross-ventilation and let in more cool, fresh air. This prevents stuffiness and keeps your indoor environment comfortable for longer. It also reduces the need to use your air conditioner as much, which results in less energy consumption. 

Adding a skylight will also make your home more attractive and desirable to potential home buyers. If you’re planning to sell your house soon, a skylight can enhance your home’s exterior design as well as raise its property value when you put it on the market. Skylights also bring natural light into the house, which reduces the need for artificial light during the day. They’re useful during the winter months as well because they let more warmth into your living space. This reduces your heating bills while improving your home’s energy efficiency.

The Consequences of Poor Skylight Installation

If you choose low-quality materials for your skylight just to save money, you’ll undoubtedly encounter more problems with your installation later on. You also won’t benefit much from a DIY job since you’re likely to have leaks after the installation. A DIY skylight installation can also compromise your roof’s protection against the elements, as well as its energy efficiency. You may even risk voiding your warranty by doing this!

Only top-quality materials and professional workmanship can guarantee a successful skylight installation. In addition, you should get a professional opinion on which type of skylight should be installed, a decision which will be based on your needs and budget. A professional window contractor has the experience necessary to determine the correct placement and install your skylight properly. 

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  1. It sure was nice when you said that installing skylights would give your house a more desirable look to attract potential home buyers. My husband and I are in the process of renovating our house since we are looking to list it before the year ends. We definitely want to easily entire home buyers so we can have the house sold before we leave the country next year, so we will consider your tips.

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