Should You Replace Your Gutters When You Replace Your Roof?

For some homeowners, getting a new roof means getting new gutters as well. While there are clear advantages to replacing both at the same time, it ultimately depends on the current condition of the gutters. We discuss more here.

Replace Your Gutters

When Is the Right Time to Replace Your Gutters?

If your gutters are damaged or pulling away from your home, then it is a good idea to replace them when you have a new roof installed. Other telltale signs that your gutters need to be replaced include cracks, sagging, water stains or discoloration on the underside of the eaves as well as peeling paint or rust marks on your exterior. If there is standing water near the foundation of your home, then it is definitely time for new gutters.

It Makes Sense to Get New Gutters With Your New Roof

Even if their current gutters still have a few years left, a lot of homeowners choose to get new ones with their new roof — and for good reason. For one, getting roof and gutter replacement done at the same time tends to be cost-effective, especially when the homeowner is using financing to do it. Also, getting it done all at once can save time and labor costs because you only need to deal with one contractor. Bone Dry Roofing can install both your new roof and new gutter system!

Sometimes, All You Need Are Gutter Repairs

When you bring in a roofing contractor to assess your roofing system and give you an estimate, ask them to take a good look at your gutters as well. If they do find issues with your gutters, inquire about the appropriate solution. Sometimes, quick repairs are all that are needed.

At Bone Dry Roofing, no job is too big or small. Whether you need to replace your roof or gutters and downspouts, you can count on our team to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call at 970-364-7996 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.



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