What You Should Do After a Hailstorm Damages Your Roof

Your roofing system is meant to protect your home from all kinds of weather damage. And with spring weather being unpredictable much of the time, severe hail is always a possibility. If your roof sustains damage from a spring hailstorm, here’s what to do next as soon as it passes.

Hailstorm Damages

Inspect Your Home’s Exterior

Take note of the exact date and time when the hailstorm happened. Then, check for any hailstones on your property. You’ll need to take photos and determine the size with a tape measure. You should also take photos of your roof, yard and other property where there’s visible damage, as these photos will be useful later on when you file an insurance claim.

Call a Professional Roofer

After determining there is roof damage caused by hail, make sure to call in a qualified roofing professional to conduct a more thorough inspection. They’ll give a more detailed report on the severity and extent of the roof damage as well as an accurate estimate of the repair costs. They normally do these inspections for free as they base it on whether the insurance claim gets approved once the report is presented to your insurance provider.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Before contacting your insurance provider, you need to verify that your policy covers roofing damage caused by hail. To submit your insurance claim, you need to organize your photos, records and other necessary information regarding the damage to your home. Your provider will send a representative to inspect the damage to your property before they determine how much they’ll pay to cover the repair costs.

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