Total Protection Roofing System®, Part 1: What Does It Mean?

The Total Protection Roofing System® is a comprehensive solution that ensures your home is fully protected from the elements. Instead of sourcing components separately, you can opt for an integrated system that enhances efficiency and delivers unmatched home protection. This leads to increased durability, superior weather resistance and overall greater performance. Continue reading as Bone Dry Roofing – West discusses how this system can be beneficial to your home.

Total Protection Roofing System

Benefits of the Total Protection Roofing System®

When it comes to roofing systems, homeowners often seek durability, longevity and protection from the elements. Owens Corning, a renowned name in the construction industry, has introduced the Total Protection Roofing System to fulfill these demands. This comprehensive roofing system performs various functions: Seal, Defend, Breathe and Comfort.


The Total Protection Roofing System is designed to provide a strong and watertight barrier against the harshest weather conditions. Owens Corning achieves this through their WeatherLock® self-sealing ice and water barrier products as well as synthetic underlayments. These protective layers are applied beneath the shingles, ensuring that water, ice and snow cannot penetrate your roof. By preventing moisture infiltration, these components help safeguard your home from costly water damage and leaks, preserving the integrity of your roofing system.


Owens Corning employs their TruDefinition® Duration® Series shingles, which are engineered to resist strong winds. With SureNail® Technology, these shingles are designed to grip and secure themselves to your roof, offering enhanced protection against wind uplift and blow-offs. Moreover, their Triple Layer Protection® provides extra durability against the elements, ensuring your roof can withstand the test of time.


Roofing systems need to breathe. That’s why the Total Protection Roofing System ensures proper attic ventilation to regulate temperature and moisture. Owens Corning offers a range of attic ventilation products such as VentSure® intake and exhaust vents. Proper attic ventilation helps in reducing heat and moisture buildup, which can lead to premature aging of the roof and damage to the structure. It also contributes to energy efficiency by maintaining a consistent temperature in your attic, reducing the strain on your HVAC system and potentially lowering your energy bills.


The Total Protection Roofing System is designed with high-performance insulation. A well-insulated attic can significantly improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Owens Corning’s insulation products, such as EcoTouch® insulation, help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, reducing your reliance on heating and cooling systems and lowering your energy costs.

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