Does My HOA Have a Say In Choosing My Roof Shingles’ Colors?

Homeowners associations can be critical at times when it comes to their CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions.) These are known to be the rules that every household in the community must follow. These documents are known to be detailed, and may include information about the specific styles and colors acceptable for your property in the neighborhood. To learn more about it, read this guide before starting a roofing project. 

Roof Shingles’ Colors

Why Is Seeking HOA Approval Necessary?

Getting approval from your HOA can be crucial. Keep in mind that if proper protocol isn’t followed, you run the risk of being fined. Sometimes, if worse comes to worst, you may even end up involved in a legal battle. It’s important to note that HOAs exist to help protect the value of the homes in the neighborhood.

How to Seek HOA Approval

  • Directly call your HOA and discuss what your goals are for the project. Then, you may want to take the opportunity to ask about the proper procedures for planning your project and the requirements for getting started. Be mindful that you’ll have to fill out forms and provide examples of your color choices using swatches from your roof and siding contractors.

  • You may have to wait from a couple weeks up to a month for the approval, depending on how busy and well-staffed the property management company is. The response could be sent through the mail by one of your HOA board members.

Before all else, remember this: Don’t begin work before your project is approved by the HOA board.

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