Dealing with a Lightning-Struck Chimney

The chance of a lightning bolt damaging your chimney is rare, but never nonexistent. You’ll need to know how to deal with the issue when–and if–it does happen. Let the premier roofing  and masonry repair company in the area, Bone Dry Roofing – West, help you get started. 


Check if the chimney is on fire. Lightning can ignite the creosote in your chimney walls, which may result in a fire. A loud whooshing sound or clicking noise coming from the chimney, as well as the presence of smoke, will usually clue you in. Call your fire department immediately if lightning does cause a fire to ignite in your chimney.

Survey the damage. Of course, you should avoid doing so until the storm has passed. Once the skies are bright and clear, you can perform a visual inspection of your chimney. Do this only from a safe vantage point, meaning you shouldn’t climb on the roof yourself to check. Lighting strikes to the chimney usually results in:

  • A cracked chimney crown or liner.
  • Shattered pieces of brick, mortar or stonework.
  • Warped, buckling or detached metal chimney or flashing.
  • Damage to a tile chimney liner or warping in a metal one.

Should you spot any of these on your chimney, call a trusted masonry expert like Bone Dry Roofing – West promptly for a more comprehensive inspection. Our professional team can accurately assess the damage caused by lightning to your chimney and, based on the results, recommend the most effective solution. It’s crucial that any damage to the system is repaired immediately. Even the smallest crack needs to be sealed lest it allows water to leak inside your house, causing expensive damage to the walls, floors and ceiling nearest the chimney. 

Avoid using the fireplace. You’ll want to wait until your chimney is fixed before using the fireplace again. This is because the risk of carbon monoxide leaking into your home increases with a damaged chimney. 

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