A Quick Guide to the 5 Common Roof Styles

The more you know about your roofing system, the better decisions you can make to prolong its life. It helps to ask your contractor, “what style is my roof?” The type of roof you have can affect your home’s protection against the elements, curb appeal and overall value.

Here’s a quick guide to today’s most popular roof styles.

Gable/Gabled Roof

A gable roof can make your home stand out from the rest if you use different colors and materials. This roof style comes in several forms, including side, crossed, front and Dutch. Side gable roofs can be open in the middle or closed in. Crossed gable roofs have two sections joined perpendicularly or at a right angle. You usually see front gable roofs on Colonial homes. They are installed at the front to accentuate the entrance. Then there are Dutch gable roofs, which are a combination of hip roof and gable roof styles.

Hip Roof

Unlike gable roofs with two sides, four sides make up hip roofs. They are ideal for places where it snows a lot because the slopes contribute to better drainage. It’s also this feature that makes them more stable than gable roofs.

Mansard Roof

Designed by Francois Mansart, Mansard roofs have four double-sloped sides that join together to create a low-pitched roof in the middle. They are among the most popular roof types because it provides homeowners with more living space. Mansard roofs are also known for making it easier to build home additions in the future.

Gambrel Roof

Also called barn roofs, gambrel roofs have two sloped sides and a triangular appearance. They possess a nearly vertical steep slope and a slight upper slope. The structure of this roof type gives you added space that you can use for storage or as a loft or garret. Moreover, Gambrel roofs are popular in Georgian and Dutch Colonial homes.

Combination Roof

Homes could have a combination of different roof styles. Doing so will make your property more visually appealing. If you are going with this option, choose styles and materials suitable for your area’s weather conditions. A combination roof might also require more maintenance.

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