3 Common Misconceptions About Wind Damage to Roofing

Common misconceptions about wind damage to roofing aren’t as harmless as they may seem. If they’re used as the basis for key decisions on roof maintenance, seemingly harmless myths may end up causing long-term roofing damage. 

Bone Dry Roofing – West, your trusted roofing company, debunks some of the most common misconceptions about wind damage to roofing below:


MYTH: Wind-damaged shingles aren’t always visually apparent. To the untrained eye, the warning signs of wind damage to roofing aren’t always visually apparent. But to professional contractors, these signs tend to stick out. For instance, experienced roofers can usually spot warning signs such as shingles with creases on their surface, a common sign of damage from wind uplift (a result of the wind-induced pressure differential between the front and back of a roofing shingle). 

Why is this myth so widespread? DIY roofing projects are one of the possible culprits. Without the necessary training and experience, it’s easy for first-time DIY roofers to miss some of the subtle warning signs of roofing damage. That’s why, as a general rule, it’s best to let roofing contractors handle roof inspections and roof replacement projects. 

MYTH: Shingles with failed adhesion seals and wind-damaged shingles refer to the same thing. Wind uplift is just one of several factors that can cause the adhesion strips on roofing shingles to fail. Other factors include natural wear and tear and installation errors. 

MYTH: After a storm, your roof should be okay as long there are no leaks or signs of wind damage. You should schedule a roof inspection after a storm. This is because no matter how durable your roof is, it’s still likely to suffer some form of damage during an extreme weather event. What if there aren’t any leaks, or you don’t find any torn shingles on your lawn? In this case, it would still be a good idea to schedule a roof inspection. As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to miss the early warning signs of wind or storm damage to your roof. By the time the more noticeable signs emerge, it’s often too late to mitigate the damage. 

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